This is the entire roster for BITW Wrestling, as well as their finishers, whether they're face or heel, and what class their in, for example; World Title, Tag Title, or Cruiserweight.

  1. C-RY (World Title): Sharpshooter, Vertebreaker (Back to back double underhook piledriver) (Face)
  2. Marlon Grays (World Title): Pedigree, Alabama Slam (Heel)
  3. Gavin Gold (World Title): Superkick, Tackle (Spear) (Heel)
  4. Max Danger (Cruiserweight): Max Lock (Cloverleaf), Danger in the Sky (450 kick) (Heel)
  5. Devin Jones (World Title): Sit-out Suplex Slam, Kneeling Boston Crab (Face)
  6. Aaron Starr (World Title): Supernova (Exploder suplex) (Face)
  7. Harry Scott (Cruiserweight): Cross Armbreaker, Roundhouse Kick (Face)
  8. Jake Rogers (World Title): Fisherman Suplex, Discus Forearm (Heel)
  9. Majora Maskara (Cruiserweight): Hurricanrana Driver, 630 Senton (Face)
  10. Edward White (World Title): Backstabber, Boston Crab (Heel)
  11. Jay Dineo (Tag Title): Flapjack (Heel)
  12. Ray Dineo (Tag Title): Full Nelson Slam (Heel)
  13. DJ Williams (Cruiserweight): Frog Splash (Face)
  14. Chuck Payne (World Title): Sit-out Spinebuster, Air Payne (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press) (Face)
  15. Brian Young (Cruiserweight): Discus Big Boot (Heel)
  16. Ryan King (World Title): Kiss My Foot (Bicycle Kick), Bow Down (Side Death valley driver) (Heel)
  17. AJ (World Title): Diamond Mine (Spinebuster), Shooting Star Press (Heel)
  18. Jacob Cass (Cruiserweight + Cruiserweight Champion): Superkick, Dragon Sleeper (Face)
  19. Charlie (Tag Title + Tag Team Champion): Rolling cutter (Face)
  20. Havoc (Tag Title + Tag Team Champion): Diving elbow drop (Face)
  21. Alex Cage (Tag Title): Locked in the Cage (Sleeper hold with bodyscissors) (Heel)
  22. Johnny Cage (Tag Title): Locked in the Cage II (Cobra Clutch with bodyscissors) (Heel)
  23. Andrew Clinton (Cruiserweight): Modified lifting reverse STO (Heel)
  24. Shawn Adams (Cruiserweight): Double knee facebuster (Face)
  25. Tyler Justice (Cruiserweight): Taking Flight (Corner-to-corner front missile dropkick), Belly-to-back inverted mat slam (Face)
  26. Austin Styles (World Title): Out of Style (Sling blade), Running knee lift (Face)
  27. Jason Cross (Cruiserweight): Face Your Fears (Over the shoulder back-to-belly piledriver), Brainbuster (Face)
  28. John Ryder (Cruiserweight): Rough Ryder (Jumping leg lariat), Lifting inverted DDT (Heel)
  29. Matt Harris (World Title): Front facelock cutter, Surfboard stretch (Face)
  30. Jake Cabal (Cruiserweight): Senton Bomb, Double underhook DDT (Heel)
  31. TJ Bradley (Cruiserweight): Blockbuster (Face)
  32. Adam Young (World Title): Northern Lights Suplex, STF (Heel)
  33. Deadpool (Cruiserweight): Dragon whip, Springboard DDT (Heel)
  34. Eugene (World Title): Ankle Lock, Blue Thunder Bomb (Face)
  35. Sean Nova (Tag Title): Kneeling back-to-belly piledriver, Superkick to a kneeling opponent (Heel)
  36. Alexander Nova (Tag Title): TKO (Fireman's carry cutter) (Heel)
  37. Dutch (Tag Title): Superkick (Face)
  38. Mexi (Tag Title): Mexicutter (Cutter) (Face)
  39. Ben McKenzie (World Title): Running pushing stomp to the head of a bent over opponent (Face)
  40. Suicide (Cruiserweight): Murder Charge (Fireman's carry facebuster), Death Blow (Enzuigiri) (Face)
  41. Mike Ace (World Title): Piledriver, Figure Four Leglock (Heel)
  42. OTP (World Title): Lou Thesz Press (Face)
  43. Jock Samson (World Title): Running Splash (Face)
  44. Dirty Money (World Title): Money Shot (Discus clothesline), In the Bank (Fireman's carry slam) (Face)
  45. Vinny the Fixxer (World Title): Impaler DDT (Heel)
  46. Tony (Tag Title): Crucifix powerbomb, Hangman's neckbreaker (Heel)
  47. Steve (Tag Title): Turnbuckle powerbomb, Sharpshooter (Heel)
  48. Biggie Biggs (World Title): Belly-to-belly suplex, Big boot (Face)
  49. Breaker Morant (World Title): Total Destruction (Double underhook DDT) (Heel)
  50. Mark Mofo (World Title): Wheelbarrow lifted and dropped into an elevated neckbreaker (Heel)
  51. Cory Kastle (Cruiserweight): Missile Dropkick, Sit-out rear mat slam (Heel)
  52. Blake Broadway (Cruiserweight): That's Showbiz (Inverted double underhook facebuster), Single underhook DDT (Face)
  53. Luca Brazzi (Tag Title): Inverted headlock backbreaker (Heel)
  54. Jimmy Konway (Tag Title): South Philly's Finest Powerbomb (Sitout powerbomb), South Philly's Finest Leg Drop (Diving leg drop) (Heel)
  55. Sam Shields (Tag Title): Superkick, Diving splash (Face)
  56. Chris Rockwell (Tag Title): Superkick, Diving splash (Face)
  57. Magma (Tag Title): Volcanic Explosion (Springboard roundhouse), Lava Rush (Giant swing) (Face)
  58. Greg Jones (Cruiserweight): Running single leg high knee (Face/Heel)
  59. Ryan Rush (Tag Title): Rush Hour (Moonsault), Package piledriver (Face)
  60. Damien Wayne (World Title): Piledriver (Heel)
  61. Sean Burke (Cruiserweight): Rebound lariat (Heel)
  62. Johnny Thunder (Tag Title): Diving double foot stomp, Thunderstorm (Hangman's facebuster) (Heel)
  63. Antonio Thomas (Tag Title): Cradle belly-to-back inverted mat slam (Heel)
  64. Genesis (Cruiserweight): Termination (Double underhook facebuster), Cloverleaf (Face)
  65. Jeremy Prophet (Tag Title): Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, fallaway slam (Heel)
  66. Nick Shepherd (Tag Title): Double underhook powerbomb (Heel)
  67. Brad Hollister (Cruiserweight): Imploding 450 splash (Face)
  68. Jack Maverick (World Title): Camel clutch, Gorilla press (Heel)
  69. Marcus Bennett (Cruiserweight): Scissors kick, Corkscrew flying forearm smash (Face)
  70. Jin Akira (World Title): Lifting falling inverted DDT, Chokebomb (Heel)
  71. Richard Fox (Tag Title): Ura-nage, Muscle buster (Heel)
  72. Curtis Goldsmith (Tag Title): Olympic slam (Heel)
  73. Randy Ross (Cruiserweight): Handspring cutter (Face)
  74. Tyson Barnett (Cruiserweight): Swinging fisherman's suplex, Double jump moonsault (Heel)
  75. Adrian Scott (World Title): Fireman's carry dropped into a high knee lift (Heel)