No Escape 2015 is the first pay-per view event of BITW and the first No Escape pay-per view that will take place on July 3, 2015. the next episode shall be this: BITW Episode 5.

No Escape 2015

Matches + Results Edit

  • Charlie and Havoc def. The Dineo Brothers (Ray and Jay) for the BITW Tag Team Championship inside a steel cage after Charlie pinned Jay after moonsault off of cage (20:02)
  • Blake Broadway def. Deadpool, Randy Ross, John Ryder, Cory Kastle, and Brian Young in an Elimination Chamber match where the winner shall receive a future Cruiserweight Championship match after Blake Broadway pinned Deadpool after That's Showbiz from the top rope (35:21)
  • Jacob Cass (c) vs. DJ Williams for the BITW Cruiserweight Championship inside a steel cage ended in a draw after Williams and Cass hit the floor at the same time (17:51)
    • At The Rumble 2015, Jacob Cass will defend the BITW Cruiserweight Championship vs. DJ Williams and Blake Broadway in a Triple Threat match
    • Since Jacob Cass retained his title, he will face Havoc in a non-title Champion vs. Champion match
  • Team Tackle (Gavin Gold, Richard Fox, and Curtis Goldsmith) def. The Midnight Sensations (Sam Shields and Chris Rockwell) and Brad Hollister after Triple Powerbomb on Hollister (7:29)
  • Chuck Payne def. Ryan King, Ben McKenzie, Jake Rogers, Devin Jones, and C-RY in an Elimination Chamber match for the vacant BITW Championship after Payne pinned McKenzie after Air Payne from the top of a pod (57:57)
    • A debuting Jim Akira attacked C-RY during the match and bloodied him, causing C-RY to get 11 stitches above his left eye
    • Our next pay-per view shall be The Rumble 2015, featuring a 30 man Royal Rumble match, where the winner can challenge either the BITW Champion or the BITW Cruiserweight Champion, Devin Jones vs. Jake Rogers in a 30 minute Iron man match, C-RY vs. Jim Akira, and Chuck Payne vs. anyone in an open challenge for the BITW Championship