Jacob Rogers (aka Jake Rogers) is a professional wrestler that is currently signed to BITW Wrestling.

Appearance Edit

Jake Rogers has long, blond hair with a clean shave. He wears black elbow pads with white wrist tape. He wears orange trunks with yellow spikes on the front. He also wears black knee pads and white boots.

Theme Edit

Wrestling Appearances Edit

Finishers Edit

  • Fisherman suplex
  • Discus forearm

Signatures Edit

  • Dropkick
  • Russian leg sweep
  • Diving clothesline
  • Multiple suplex variations:
    • Belly to back
    • Northern lights
    • Snap
    • Twisting flipping leg hook belly to back
    • Saito
  • Rolling neck snap
  • Backbreaker
  • Diving pointed elbow drop
  • Running knee smash to a bent over opponent
  • Neckbreaker
  • Inverted atomic drop
  • Moonsault
  • Scoop powerslam