Ben McKenzie is a professional wrestler that is currently signed to BITW Wrestling.

Appearance Edit

Ben McKenzie has black hair that goes down to his neck, and a brown beard. He wears a black elbow pad on his left elbow, black wrist tape on his left wrist, and his right hand is taped in black. He wears black tights with green M's on each thigh. He wears black knee pads and green boots with an M written in white on each boot.

Theme Edit

Wrestling Appearances Edit

  1. BITW Episode 1 (loss vs. Edward White)
  2. BITW Episode 2 (win vs. Edward White)
  3. BITW Episode 3 (win vs. Edward White)
  4. No Escape 2015 ([still to come] vs. C-RY, Devin Jones, Chuck Payne, Ryan King, and Jake Rogers)

Finishers Edit

  • Blackout (Running stomp to the back of an opponent's head)

Signatures Edit

  • Springboard high knee
  • Superkick to a kneeling or seated opponent
  • Standing shiranui
  • Rolling cutter
  • Turnbuckle powerbomb
  • Corner forearm smash
  • Enzuigiri
  • Reverse STO, sometimes into the turnbuckle
  • Suicide dive
  • Diving splash
  • Standing shooting star press
  • Standing moonsault
  • Spin-out powerbomb
  • Death Valley driver
  • Running neckbreaker
  • Crossface
  • Arabian press
  • Single leg dropkick