This is the seventh episode of BITW! Today is July 24th, 2015. The next episode will be our second ever pay-per view, The Rumble 2015!!!

Results Edit

  • Jacob Cass def. DJ Williams via multiple superkicks (16:22)
  • The Midnight Sensations (Sam Shield and Chris Rockwell) def. The Internationalz (Dutch and Mexi) via rollup by Rockwell on Dutch in a Royal Rumble Qualifying tag team match (11:51)
  • Marlon Grays def. Edward White via Pedigree (8:43)
  • Alex Cage def. Charlie via Locked In The Cage submission (12:20)
  • Max Danger def. Damien Wayne via Danger In The Sky in a Royal Rumble Qualifying match (8:05)
  • Chuck Payne def. Brian Young via Sit-out Spinebuster (0:10)
  • C-RY and Devin Jones def. Jim Akira and Jake Rogers via Sharpshooter submission on Rogers by C-RY (22:09)